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SATLINK WS 7992 2 Route   HD RF  DVB- T Modulator

SATLINK WS 7992 2 Route HD RF DVB- T Modulator

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New SATLINK WS 7992  2 Route   HD Modulator DVB- T/ AV/HDMI

Converts your Full-HD Video Signals into a standard HDTV RF channel and distribute to unlimited HD TVs via the antenna coax cable 

FULL HD 1080p Digital RF Modulator  

HDMI 1080P – 1080i –  Video Input 

Digital HD RF output to VHF channel 

 Installs in minutes, Does Not require new wires or adapters 

Breakthrough Price 

Satlink WS 7992 is the perfect HD Video distribution solution for any Home Entertainment system, connecting any Home-Video Master system to all the other TVs in each room without the need to duplicate the AV equipment.

High level of integration, high-performance, Full-featured, integrated design

• 2 HDMI / AV  inputs  modulator that converts  source to a DVB-T over RF 
• Standard COFDM modulation and H.264 encoding

• Support High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection /HDCP /

• Bandwidth: 6/7/8MHz

• Frequency range: 50~860MHz
• Continuously adjustable RF signal output level range 69dBuV to 100dBuV
• 2.4-inch color LCD display
• Small size and light weight
• Carriers 2K and 8K
• User friendly setup and control 


What is used for ?

 To convert a HDMI signal to a DVB-T MPEG4 signal only (that means only TV's with Digital  tunerMpeg-4 H.264 ) 

It can be used to add a 2 HDMI or 2 AV channels multiplexed to DVB-T  can be feed for example 

HD Signal from Sky HD Box , Virgin , Saorview , Freeview , Freesat , UPC or other models HD TV boxes  in a Second room or through out the house on a distribution system


DVB-T Standard

HD Broadcast 1080i 

Frequency range:  50to 850 Mhz

Channel Bandwidth : 7/8 Mhz

RF Out Level: Adjustable  from 69dBuV to 100dBuV

Impedance : 75 Ohm  ( 50 opt. )

MER: Professional-Grade >45 dB

Spectrum Shoulders: 55 dB for  perfect adjacent-channel operations

Out Filter: -70 dB of Harmonic  and spurious suppression

Encoding Delay 600-800 milliseconds

DVB-T modulations: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM

FFT: 2K / 8K mode  Guard Intervals: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32

Code Rates: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 


It gives a DVB-T output which is sufficient to feed a number of DVB-T capable TVs (via a splitter)

HD modulator is easy to install and operate

It is possible to set the output frequency

It is very reliable product



Old TV's without  Mpeg 4  is not compatible with this device.

Signals from DVD for example or other devices with HDCP need additional option to be switched on if is not .

The option Service provider : HDCP in menu should be  ON if is blank that mean is  OFF.

To switch ON you  need to restart the modulator  from power then power  ON ,wait to load  for few seconds and  when output frequency is visible on the screen then press down and hold the  Return button for 3 seconds . The  operation is required every time when modulator is reset to  factory settings .


How to set up a settings : Check here 

What is in the box?

Standard Accessories included 

EU/UK Power Adapter 220v 

 User manual Satlink ws 7992 here


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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