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Satlink WS 6923 Digital Satellite Finder/Meter

Satlink WS 6923 Digital Satellite Finder/Meter


Satlink WS 6923


Digital Satellite Finder/Meter Satlink WS-6923R10826 allows for quick setup of satellite dishes.

Satlink WS-6923 R10826 has a clear menu that will help any installer to do the job quickly and effectively. The device incorporates a list of over ten popular satellites (plus transponders), which can be modified by the user. It comes with a power adapter and USB cable to connect to a PC.

The level of a signal is given in dBμV and its quality as the percentage based on C/N ratio. These parameters allow for precise alignment of the dish and LNB, as well as for testing signal levels and quality in systems with multiswitches and amplifiers.

Built-in flashlight makes the device even more practical.


Distinguishing features:

  • measurements of DVB-S signals
  • LNB short circuit protection
  • signal level and quality
  • signal quality as the percentage based on C/N ratio
  • sound and light indication of locking signal
  • built-in flashlight
  • Li-Ion battery (8.4 V / 800 mAh) for up to 3-hour operating time
  • editable satellites, transponders, frequencies
  • support for DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 22 kHz Tone
  • upgradable via USB port

Name     WS-6923 Compact - Satlink
Code     R10826
Input frequency range [MHz]     950-2150
Input level range [dBm]     -65 ... -25
LNB power voltage [V]     13/18 (max. 300 mA)
AC/DC adapter [V]/[Hz]     100-240/50-60
(output: 12 VDC / 1 A max)
Power consumption [W]     5
Dimensions [mm]     160 x 80 x 40
Weight [kg]  0.25

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