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How to set up a Satlink Meter WS 6980 for Astra 28.2E Sattelite.

How to set up a Satlink WS 6980   for  Astra 28.2E Sattelite.


Step by step:

1. Switch on


2. Press Menu .


3.Use arrows UP ,Down, Right ,Left to select  DVB-S2 and Press OK .

4.Use arrows  Right and Left


Change these to  :

Satellite :                ASTRA 28.2 

Local Frequency : Universal

Transponder :        06

Frequency :           10758

Symol rate :            22000

and Press OK .


Connect the cable  from the dish.

Then adjust the dish until  get the LOCK  light indicator blue and constant sound .

when is locked try fine dish  adjustment for best dB signal. 


When you ready and have signal similar or better to picture above Press Auto Scan (SUBT) located under the display green small button 

Meter automatically finding the transponders  when Progress bar is 100%

automatically start searching the channels 

 when Progress bar is 100 your Satellite dish is set up on ASTRA 28.2